ACID Localization

ACID Localization is a team of two Italian freelance translators, with many years of experience in the industry, who got together in 2015 to fight the evils of video games localization. Every day we put our translation, review and QA skills to the service of all the players in the world, to protect them from typos, mistranslations and from the worst of all localization threats: literal translations.

We work for some of the most well-known localization agencies in the video game industry and we provide English to Italian high-quality translations for all kinds of projects, from AAA console titles to social media games. All the content we work on goes through a thorough translation and review stage, in order to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. We also provide bug-fixing services, which allow us to fine-tune the translations based on feedback from the testers.

Our rallying cry is Quality First .

What we work on

  • User Interface and audio scripts for console/PC games and casual/social games for mobile devices.
  • Game-related material including manuals, packaging, marketing material, websites, online help, FAQs, etc.
  • Apps and websites



We translate with great care and dedication. Whether the challenge is finding out what the Italian name of the tiniest component of a weapon is or creating funny names for a group of cartoon characters, we constantly listen to each other’s opinion and work together to find the best solution.


We always review everything we work on before delivering it to the client, anything from a huge batch of text to a small file with a few lines; this step enables us to make sure no mistake goes unseen and the overall result is of top-notch quality.

Bug fixing

We co-operate with the testers at the bug-fixing stage in order to solve the final linguistic issues, such as length or context problems, before the release of a product.


We create a project glossary to ensure terminology consistency.


We guarantee strict adherence to all platform glossaries.


We take into account all the answers to the queries raised - either by us or by other teams - during the translation phase.

Our Latest Projects

We have worked on a number of games created by some of the most prominent video game developers, but we don’t kiss and tell. If you want to know more about our portfolio, simply get in touch.

Who we are

Cristina Contini's Avatar

Cristina Contini

Cristina has never wanted to grow up. Milan has always been her playground, and concerts, bookstores and theaters have always been her favorite places to play hide-and-seek. When she decided to create a little clone of herself, Margherita, she had to choose between becoming a real adult or continuing to share all the fun with her. What do you think she chose in the end?

Superpower: Her hair can turn green, purple or blue depending on her mood.

Marta Fumagalli's Avatar

Marta Fumagalli

Thanks to a geeky older brother, Marta spent her childhood in front of a Commodore 64 and her teenage years believing that the Sims were her real family. Now she prefers spending her time travelling, taking pictures, or going to rock concerts, but she still picks up the controller now and then. She loves Japan, but Japan doesn’t always love her back.

Superpower: She has a well-deserved black belt in overthinking.

Our sidekicks

We both have sidekicks who keep us company while we’re typing away at the PC.



Superpower: The ability to destroy every toy in the known universe in less than 15 seconds.


Ziva & Mate

Superpower: A very sharp sixth sense that allows them to immediately spot who in the room is a potential source of food.

Contact Us

If you are ever in need of localization wonder women, contact us right away.

Bonus content

We chose the name ACID based on this acronym used in computer science:

  • Atomicity - It’s pretty obvious this is the best word ever.
  • Consistency - Something we deal with 24/7.
  • Isolation - We’re freelancers. That says it all.
  • Durability - We’re not going anywhere soon.

Privacy policy

We do not collect or share personal information in any way. If you contact us via email using the email address in the contact page, we may use this information to respond to you. We will not sell or disclose your contact information to any third parties.